Everything starts with an idea. Let’s make this a reality.


We turn your idea into a high quality product.


Products that proudly represent your brand.

You Think it, We Build it.

At Fandomoid, we strive to turn your vision into a custom product of the highest quality. Our combined knowledge of the product development process is at your disposal.

Wether you’re a creative professional looking to grow your product line or a corporation interested in products that proudly reflect your brand, we are your one stop shop.

Our Products

We have a deep understanding of the production pipeline which allows us to quickly and efficiently communicate your needs to our factory relations. We’ve ironed out the obstacles and are constantly improving processes. The result is a streamlined workflow built on success.

What would you like to build?


Book Printing


Enamel Pins

Acrylic Charms

Key Chains

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Creative Professionals

I'm a creative professional who owns a business selling artwork online and at conventions. I'd like to dazzle my fans with something big like a plush toy, enamel pins or perhaps a really cool hardcover book. Producing products like that is a full time job in itself and I really would prefer to focus on the creative side. Download Artist Brochure


I represent a company that's looking for high quality products that reflect my organizations' vision and proudly bears our brand name. We need an outside team that fluently understands the product development process from start to finish and is able to bring our ideas to fruition. Download Corporate Brochure



A strong vision yields a great product. Our artistic perspective and experience will help you tighten any design that may cause challenges during prototyping.


We allocate the best manufacturers matched to your needs. Asking the right questions and negotiating an optimal price greatly reduces time lines and overall production costs.


We work closely with the manufacturers to guide you through the protoyping phase. Our efficient workflows prioritize lower costs and smaller time frames for you as a customer.


Displaying your product well can mean the difference in being overlooked.


We keep a close pulse on the production process to ensure on-time delivery. Regardless of how many pieces you’re looking to produce, we’ve got you covered.


Shipping documents are all handled by us. Your products will adhere to all regulations imposed on goods transported across international borders.

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