In the Works

Prototyping Distinctive Scarves for Donné & Co.

We’re working with the wonderfully introspective Rachel Donné of Donné & Co. to develop her charming designs into a beautiful wearable item: designer scarves!  Our goal is to give you an insight into how this development process works.  Knowledge is power and it certainly can make us appreciate the products we own a bit more.

The question is simple.  How do we turn conceptual artwork into a three dimensional object? The path to get there is a little more complicated.

Donne & Co. Printed DraftsPrinted Drafts

When we receive the design concepts, we generally do a review to discover any pitfalls we may encounter if we feel the artwork may not translate well into a physical product.  In the case of scarfs, it's a good idea to do a paper print in the actual size of the product.  This gives the artist insights on whether the details in the design are working.  It can be difficult to get that feedback from a computer screen alone.

Pile of Left Over Fabric Samples

With the help of a manufacturer we consider what type of fabric, weave and weight would be best to get the desired end result.  We prefer natural fibers since they have a better feel and they tend to be environmentally friendlier than synthetics.  The weave influences the softness.  The proper weight, expressed in grams per square meter or 'gsm', adds a nice drape and durability.  All these factors are discussed with the brand owner during the prototyping process.

Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects is getting the colors consistent and correct.  It's absolutely vital to check in with the manufacturer so you don't produce thousands of items you can't sell.  We do our best to keep communication open and we always ask for pictures or video material of the produced prototypes before physically receiving items.

PrototypesScarf Prototypes

This whole process can take a few months to complete depending on complexity.  Once final approvals are in, we can move on to the actual production which is surprisingly easy and fast.  Just like before, we keep checking in during production as well to make sure quality is always monitored.

At the time of this writing, we're close to finalizing our prototyping run for Donné & Co.  Check back on our site soon to see them!