The Life of a Purrmaid

A look behind the scene how they are born.

Purrmaids are soft and cuddly creatures that are a mix of mermaid and kitten. We are proud to offer these superbly designed plushies in our shop! Before a Purrmaid makes its way to us, there is a rich history behind how they come to be.

Christine Knopp is the artist who brings them to life in a creative process where design, color and character are carefully woven together. As a child, she was always intrigued by nature and wildlife. This interest led her to combine her love for cats and mythical creatures into the Purrmaids design.

Orange Tabby Progression

The first Purrmaid ever to be conceived was the Orange Tabby. To make this cuddly creature relatable to a wider audience, a carefully selected color pattern was chosen. Since tabby cats are one of the most recognizable coat patterns in the cat world, it was the ideal first breed!

When a design is finalized, the prototyping phase begins and is arguably the most difficult step in developing a product. It can take countless hours of adjusting and negotiating with factories across the globe to get it right. Fandomoid includes this service in our development cycle to help artists create a successful product.

Further steps include safety testing, a full production run and shipping them to a warehouse where each Purrmaid eagerly waits to be adopted by their new best friend. (That’s you!)