Siamese Betta

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The Siamese Betta are half-Siamese, half-Betta fish, and they love to talk. They also love to gossip and whisper secrets to other Purrmaids around them. But don’t let their beauty and soft exterior fool you. They always speak their mind. If they ever catch anything wrong happening, they’ll make sure to tell it like it is. For sure, they are the Sassiest Purrmaids around.
  • Large Super Soft and Cuddly Plushie
  • Great Gift for Loved Ones
  • Premium and Safe New Materials
  • Small Magnets in Paws for Hanging
  • Product Does Not Stand on its Own
  • 21in (L) x 5.5in (W) x 11in (H)
  • 53cm (L) x 14cm (W) x 28cm (H)
  • 0.84 lb
  • 0.38 kg