Orange Tabby

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The Orange Tabby are a Mackerel Purrmaid, and they are as playful as they come. With a clever mind, and a talent for practical jokes, they are the most mischievous of the Purrmaids. But don’t let their ability to cause trouble fool you, they are the most loyal of companions, and no matter how much trouble their friends are in, they will always answer the call for help.

  • Large Super Soft and Cuddly Plushie
  • Great Gift for Loved Ones
  • Premium and Safe New Materials
  • Product Does Not Stand on its Own
  • 6in (L) x 10in (W) x 17in (H)
  • 15.2cm (L) x 25.4cm (W) x 43.2cm (H)
  • 0.65 lb
  • 0.29 kg